Creche Facilities

  • Large Purpose Built Childcare Centre, with lots of Space for Children.
  • Large Safe Area within Grounds for Parents to Park.
  • Access to Fields around us, with newly designated Picnic Benching beside Banking 365
  • Intercom System for Each Room.
  • CCTV throughout the Creche
  • Large Outdoor Play Garden, with tonnes of Space and Playground Equipment
  • Natural Grass lots of trees, which the children love to play in
  • Access to Garden from Each room. Emphasis on Getting out daily.
  • Separate Indoor Play Area, when weather does not permit us venture outside
  • Chef, who has worked in the hospitality Industry for years,  is a wizard at cooking for Children,
  • Fresh Vegetables and Fruits included daily
  • School Collection and Club from a number of local Schools.

Eden Childcare, Creche & Montessori comprises of 6,500 sq feet that has been outfitted to the highest standard. Due to its size, Eden Childcare Kilkenny has been able to accommodate Children in large rooms with lots of light, according to their age. Firm friendships are made and continue right through Primary School.

Eden Childcare Kilkenny have consistently received a favourable feedback from our statutory inspections, which are available for parents to read at all times.

Our focus for the children is on “continuity through the different stages of development.”  Designated areas, such as, Home Corner, Reading Corner, Dress up, Arts and Crafts, and construction are set up within each room, and for each group. This allow children to move with their little group to the next stage with ease and familiarity. The Emergent Curriculum in Eden Childcare Kilkenny allows children to remain interested, involved and content whilst still attaining a wealth of information which promotes individuality and independence in the children. Each room has their own access to the garden.

We are fully committed to having the best possible start for each child in Eden Childcare Kilkenny. we support all children as they transition to Primary School and help minimalise any stress they might feel adjusting to a new setting.

Kilkenny Creche Facilities. Outdoor Play Area

Outdoor Garden + Play area

We are so lucky to have a outdoor garden and fully equipped playground. But as with the unpredictable Irish weather we have also included an indoor play area to blow off steam!

Each room at Eden Childcare, Creche & Montessori opens outdoors to a large garden which is comparable to a large playground with slides, climbing frames and seesaws.