Free Childcare Scheme (ECCE)

Eden Childcare Creche is a participant in the ECCE (Early Childhood Care & Education) scheme, CETS scheme, (which allows parents to pursue education and training whilst being subsidized with their childcare costs) and NCS Scheme, which is a universal, funding parents avail of through

The Early Childhood Care & Education Scheme (ECCE) entitles all children in Ireland, to 2 years free childcare,(3 specified hours per day) starting in the September of the year, in which they turn 3 years old.

They may attend, Playgroup, (younger children) Montessori group, or Rang Naionra.

At Eden Childcare Kilkenny all children attending follow the AISTEAR   Curriculum Framework. This provides information for teachers to help them plan and provide enjoyable and challenging experiences so that all children grow and develop as competent learners within a loving relationships with others.

Language Immersion is the most effective way of introducing children to a second language and prepares children for Irish which is an advantage when starting Primary School. The children are not pushed to speak Irish, but over time, with repetitive language from their teacher, they pick it up unknowingly.  The children in Naionrai  class at Eden Childcare Loch Bui are accepted into Gaelscoil Osrai Primary School as part of their admissions policy for Naionrai.

To avail of the ECCE scheme through Eden Childcare Kilkenny please call 056 7701971