Wobblers to Toddlers (1 – 2 years)

We take babies from age 1, into our Toddler Group. As this is often Baby’s first time away from being cared for at home, it can be a really hard time for both Parent and Baby. We know, and we will be there to reassure and assist you and your baby in settling. Our Toddler Room is Big enough for baby to move freely either toddling or crawling, with large windows and bright colours, all our floors have underfloor heating, which is perfect for this little age group.  We adapt to your baby’s routine to start and as your baby develops, the plan evolves. Commitment and Communication is the key here.

The Toddler room has its own access to the garden as does every other age group. There are 2 sleep rooms with cots, one for the younger children just off the main room, its, own kitchen and Changing Room. The Activities carried out in this room by the Key Carers is wonderful, messy play, tactile play, story books, and the sociable breaks and lunch times, as the children who are able, get to sit in their specially designed toddler chair at table without restraints. This is a hectic, wonderful, funny stage, where the kisses, hugs, babbling and climbing all go hand in hand.

To book a place for your child at Eden Childcare, Creche & Montessori, Kilkenny, please register your interest by contacting us.