Our Ethos & Curriculum Statement

At Eden Childcare Kilkenny our wish for each child is that they are happy, confident and sociable. To attain this we support our children in reaching developmental milestones and gain basic life skills by working under the Early Year framework of Aistear and Síolta.

Staff accomplish this by communicating with children at their level. Staff actively listen and work in partnership with parents in building caring warm trusting relationships with the children in our care.

The fundamentals we work off are ‘respect for each child and their culture’. Eden Childcare Kilkenny recognises that play is children’s work and is shaped by planned and unplanned experiences, which are age appropriate. We identify and expand on the children’s emergent interests and develop learning in a fun, interactive and imaginative way. We share these learning experiences with the other children and encourage friendships, and building on  peer relationships.

Aistear | Síolta | Creches in Kilkenny

Our approach at Eden Childcare Kilkenny, is inspired by Materials and activities we use in the Emergent Curriculum right across our Groups, from our Wobbler to our Preschool ECCE Groups, also known as our Joggers and Sprinters


Síolta is the National Quality Framework for all Early Childhood Services and encompasses 16 Quality Standards, which all Childhood services should work to:

  • Rights of the child
  • Environments
  • Parents and Families
  • Consultation
  • Interactions
  • Play
  • Curriculum
  • Planning and Evaluation
  • Health and Welfare
  • Organisation
  • Professional Practice
  • Communication
  • Transitions
  • Identity and Belonging
  • Legislation and regulation
  • Community Involvement


Aistear is used as a guide in planning learning experiences in Eden Childcare Kilkenny. Aistear, which, is the Irish word for ‘journey’, describes learning through 4 interconnected themes:

i) Wellbeing ii) Identity and Belonging iii) Communicating iv) Exploring and Thinking

Our focus for the children is on continuity though out each stage of development. Designated areas within each room allow children to move from one room to another with ease and familiarity. The areas in each room are a) Home Corner, b) Construction, c) Arts and Crafts and d) Chill Zone, with soft matting or seats and books, which are accessible to children at all times. Montessori and Naionra influences are visible at each stage from babies upwards, through the materials and the language we use.

The Emergent Curriculum in Eden Childcare Kilkenny allows Children to remain interested, involved and content whilst still attaining a wealth of information, which promotes individuality and independence the children.

We are fully committed to having the best possible start for each child in Eden Childcare Kilkenny. We support the children transition to Primary School and minimalise any stress they might feel adjusting to a new setting.