Parent Partnership

At Eden Childcare Kilkenny we believe that a positive partnership with parents is crucial, that constant communication between carer and parent is the way forward. When Parents have booked their child in they are provided with an ‘Information Handbook’ which outlines information specific to their Child in Eden Childcare Kilkenny.

We use a Social Media App, which Parents download on their Phone, daily information is sent via this platform outlining your child day, with information and photos. Parents have the opportunity to converse directly with their child’s carer.

Once a year all children are taken on a school outing which is tremendously enjoyable for all involved.

Parents are always welcome to discuss their child with members of staff or management. We appreciate that children are unique and have differing needs. Our care programme depends greatly on the wishes of parents and the needs of the child, which ensures peace of mind for parents.

Eden Childcare Kilkenny in the IDA Business and Technology Park offers an effective service for anyone working within the park, and an insight into the lives of their children as they see us out for our daily strolls.

We now offer Child Paths – an app which connects families to Eden Childcare Kilkenny on a regular basis. All information about your child is on your file and parents can access through their smartphones.

The easy to use Child Paths app is designed to take parents on a journey through their child’s early years and school education. It allows us to communicate in real-time quickly, effectively, and efficiently with parents about their child’s achievements, milestones, interests, learning, development and more.